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The Wells Creek Sewage Treatment Plant was constructed in the early 1970's to provide sewage treatment facilities for the eastern portions of Somerset Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Originally, the areas served by this facility were the small residential communities of Listie, Geiger and Friedens. In 1988, the construction of the North Somerset Pump Station and 10,000 LF of 6" force main enabled STMA to extend its service areas to those portions of the Township located north and east of Somerset Borough. The treatment process consists of a lagoon aerated facultative process and is designed for a sewage flow of 0.800 MGD from residential/commercial customers. The sewage collection system consists of seven pump stations.

356 Coleman Station Road
Friedens, PA 15501
(814) 443-2434
Operator: Scott Suder


Flat Rate - $34/month
Billed Quarterly - $102/quarter
Tap Fee - $2,500/EDU